Summer is among other things a time for County and State Fairs. Although I suspect that August really starts the Fair season, anytime is a good time for the food that accompanies these colorful events.


My childhood memories are filled with the handful of trips that I made to the North Carolina Fair (always the middle of October). The sights, sounds, and smells of the Midway were always enchanting to me. Of course the Midway was full of all things fried. Some state Fairs have taken the whole thing a little too far for my taste, but one thing that has been added in recent years is the Mexican Churros. The Churro is fried dough dusted with sugar and Cinnamon. You can also find these in some Mexican restaurants.


A few weeks ago, I promised you a recipe for quick no frying, no fuss Churros. I made these a little while ago from an idea I saw on Pinterest. It turns out that they are not only easy to make, they are in my opinion better than the fried version available at most Carnivals, Fairs, and some Boardwalks. I have made them twice now and have had good results. Hey, it is flakey pastry dipped in butter and cinnamon sugar. It is really pretty hard to go wrong. You add a little dark Chocolate and almost everyone likes it.


You can serve these with tea and/or coffee, but they make a great addition to any ice cream. They are easy to make and store. So if you are having a party, you can make these a few days ahead. Store them in a plastic container. Just wait and put the chocolate on right before your party.


You are going to use premade Puff Pastry. You will find it in the freezer department of your local grocery stores. Although there are brands that I prefer over others, for the purpose of this recipe, any puff pastry will do. So run to the grocery and get some so we can get started.


Note: Most professional chefs use premade puff pastry. So don’t be shy about not making the puff pastry.







1 sheet of Puff Pastry

1 stick of butter

1 cup of sugar

2 tablespoons of cinnamon



2 oz of Dark Chocolate

¼ cup of cream


You need to thaw the puff pastry. You can accomplish this best by placing it in the fridge overnight. If you didn’t think to do this, you can let it set out on the counter for half hour. But please note: once it is at room temperature it is difficult to cut. On the other hand frozen pastry will rise unevenly. So cut it cold, but make sure it is room temperature before it goes in the oven.


I melt my butter in a pan in my oven as it preheats to the cooking temperature of 400. Place the cinnamon and sugar in a bowl and combine thoroughly.


Cut the pastry sheet in half them make slices about ½ inch wide.

Coat each slice in your melted butter. Then place the slice in you cinnamon sugar. Give the slices plenty of room, because the puff pastry is going to rise.


Bake your strips at 400 degrees until lightly brown and flake. It takes my convection oven a little under 10 minutes to accomplish this. A standard oven may take longer.


While your pastry is cooking melt your 2 oz of Chocolate in the microwave. I have a hot microwave so I put it in for 30-second intervals, until it is mostly melted. Stirring the jot chocolate will usually melt the rest. Add the cream and stir. I then transfer the mixture to a disposable pastry bag (a heavy duty ziplock will accomplish the same thing). When you are ready to add the warm chocolate, simply snip a very small piece off of 1 corner of the bag and use it like a pastry bag.

When I do these for a party, I put the chocolate in the fridge. I warm the baked pastry in a low oven (325) and rewarm the chocolate in the microwave. They are a little better when slightly warm. Add your chocolate and serve.


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