Cotton Candy Tipsy Tea-Pop

Cousin Christy here, poppin’ in! I like to help out my family sometimes with some posts. I love tea and food and a good time so it makes sense that today I’m posting my boozy-tea creation. Enjoy!

Cotton Candy Tipsy Tea

Sometimes, your afternoon tea party runs into 5 o’clock. The delicate properties of tea lend themselves quite well to being blended into cocktails!

Today’s tea cocktail pays homage to the end of summer. David’s Tea has a wonderful tea that is only available for summer (so grab it while it’s still for sale!) called Cotton Candy.

Cotton Candy Tea

Above is a close up shot of the Rooibos blend. It is a very light and sweet (those ARE cotton candy sprinkles pictured above) tea that is really refreshing as an iced tea or, how David’s Tea refers to it, a Tea-Pop. A tea pop is made when you brew the tea with hot water for 4-7 minutes, pour over ice, and add equal parts carbonated water. If you have kids, just stop right at this step because this makes a fantastic healthy alternative to a sugary soda!

If you have kids though, maybe you’ll want to save one glass of the tea pop for you and make it a tea cocktail. For an extra nostalgic twist, I added one ounce of 99 Whipped Vodka (pictured below) to 2 cups of Cotton Candy Tea-Pop.

99 WHIPPED Vodka

In my trials, I tried a regular vodka as well as a marshmallow vodka, but the 99 Whipped Cream gave me the best flavor. Feel free to add different liquors and leave a comment below to tell us how you liked it or how you mixed it up!

Cotton Candy Tipsy Tea-Pop

Ingredients: (to make 1 serving)

Cotton Candy Rooibos – 1 tsp depending on how strong you like your tea

Hot Water – 1 cup


Carbonated Water (unflavored) – 1 cup

Whipped Vodka – 1 ounce

  1. Brew tea. David’s Tea suggests 204ºF for 4-7 minutes.
  2. Let tea cool and pour over ice, or use less hot water and pour over a full glass of ice.
  3. Add carbonated water.
  4. Add 1 ounce of Whipped Vodka.
  5. Stir…
  6. Sip and feel the summertime memories come bubbling back to you!

Enjoy your summer fun tea cocktail!

One thought on “Cotton Candy Tipsy Tea-Pop

  1. Found out a long time ago that Tea goes very well with booze. One of my favorites is a cup of Hot Tea (your choice) with a dollop of honey and a portion (strength determined by individual taste) of Scotch. Use the garden variety Scotch and save the better stuff for drinking neat as it is intended.

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